Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The girls fundraiser!

My little ladies wanted to do a lemonade stand to raise money for adoption. We headed out our first Sunday and they were sooooo excited. We are going to try to go out every Sunday to sell Lemonade. I am excited to raise awareness and meet our neighbors! And when Lord willing our little boy comes home our neighbor's be invested and welcome him home:) Pretty much everyone that passed wanted to buy Lemonade. We are selling the lemonade for 50 cents, but most at least paid $1. We also got a $10 and $20 donation!

Total made for 3 hours: $43!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So Far......
1. Received Homestudy paperwork from Sunnyridge (currently filling out)
2. Sent in application to Generations for adoption
3. Got approval for basic application to adopt with Generations
4. Had Orientation with Generations via SKYPE (received more paperwork for official application and fee)

Today we had our Adoption Orientation with Generations Adoptions via SKYPE.  Generations will be the overarching agency that takes care of the adoption, dealing with America and Ghana. Sunnyridge will be doing our homestudy because they are based in Chicago. The homestudy is needed for American approval for us to adopt.
In the orientation we met our case worker from Generations for the overall adoption. She went over and gave us more paperwork to fill out and send her. We will send in our $250 application fee with this paperwork. OUR FIRST PAYMENT in this process. Hoping to finish filling out our paper work for the homestudy and send this new paperwork in soon! It entails so much! For the homestudy paper work we have to have background checks, fingerprinting, financial checks, physicals and more. After all that is done our homestudy will begin and when finished we will send that in to get approved by the U.S. to adopt. Then on to getting matched with our child. And onto getting approval from Ghana.

At this point I am a bit overwhelmed by all the paperwork, but glad we have at least taken another step. I also have an appointment with my neuro surgeon tomorrow to find out his opinion on why the vision in my right eye continues to get worse. Please pray for guidance and healing! We will see what the Lord will do.